Anna - an introduction

Strength, poise and elegance are the cornerstones of Anna Shvedkova's stage presence. Whether as a circus artist, dancer, model, or choreographer - style, precision and grace are qualities she highly values. Anna's interdisciplinary approach weaves a seamless tapestry of her diverse talents into every artistic endeavor she undertakes. In the air, Anna masters the dance trapeze and aerial hoop, while on the ground, she experiments with the dancing pole. In her acrobatic partnership with Saleh Yazdani, Anna functions as the female base. Steadfast and seemingly effortless.

What truly defines Shvedkova's work is her mastery for defying expectations and showcasing the strength inherent in femininity. Her artistic expression unites the realms of musicality, movement, and aesthetics into a harmonious and symbiotic masterpiece.

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Anna Shvedkova (1)

"With precise, elegant movements and innovative artistry, she creates a dynamic dance in the air."

— Varieté unter Sternen

"An impressive hand-to-hand acrobatic performance, while she also fires up the audience all on her own with her captivating Voguing right before. Followed by enthusiastic applause and cheers."

— Berliner Morgenpost

"Anna Shvedkova takes it to the air. On the dance trapeze, she appears strong and sensual simultaneously, contorting herself into unbelievable poses, with her body tensed to the fingertips."


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Anna Shvedkova - Performing Artist / aerialist
Anna Shvedkova - Performing Artist / aerialist

About Anna

Anna Shvedkova's early inclination toward the path of an artist is unmistakable. Born in 1997 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and raised in Germany, Anna embarked on her artistic journey at the tender age of six through the world of dance. After six years of dedicated pursuit involving rhythmic gymnastics, latin dance, and the exploration of diverse dance styles, her path first led her to the State Ballet School in Berlin for three years before she specialized in dance trapeze at the State School of Circus Arts in Berlin. Due to her exceptional artistic and dancing abilities, it was only a matter of time before Anna made a name for herself in the European ballroom scene, where she is now known as Mamba 007 for her elegant New Way Voguing.

In 2020, Anna, along with her duo partner Saleh Yazdani, was invited to the 41st Festival Mondial Du Cirque De Demain and honored with the Prix Moulin Rouge for their duo act. Be it a solo performance or sharing the stage with her duo partner, Anna consistently mesmerizes both local and international audiences on diverse platforms.



Anna Shvedkova
Phone: +49(0)1782810981

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